10. 79 v Australia, WACA stadium, Perth, 2008:

This match is very emotionally connected to Indian fans. The series had already been scarred by the 2nd test at Sydney following the Monkey gate incident between Harbhajan & Andrew Symonds and the poor umpiring by Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson. Australia had already won 16 consecutive test matches and Ricky Ponting said for the record 17th win if he had to chose a venue, it had to be the WACA. The test match is also remembered for a rookie like Ishant Sharma tormenting one of the best no. 3 batsmen, Ricky Ponting.

Coming back to Laxman, he played a brilliant innings of 79 and batted with the tail again to take the target beyond 400. The scenes of Harbhajan running on to the ground with the tricolor fills every Indian heart with pride.

Laxman at Perth Harbhajan at Perth


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