Football is considered the king of all sports and many millionaires and billionaires are willing to spend a large amount of money investing in a football team. And below is the list of richest football clubs in the world.

Manchester United: 3,2 billion USD

Manchester United

Manchester United is the English football team with the largest number of fans in the world, especially in Asia.

They are holding a record of 20 domestic league titles in England, 12 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 3 times in the C1 and 1 time of winning the C3 Cup.

They also had a golden era in 1999. Since 2015, MU has the main sponsor, Adidas, with a 10-year contract worth up to 750 million USD.

Real Madrid: 3.2 billion USD

The football team ranked on par with Manchester United is the Real Madrid Club. Real Madrid is not highly appreciated in the domestic league like its opponent.

However, in the European arena, “white vultures” have excelled to overcome a series of big opponents to once again stand on the highest peak.

More than 100 years, Real Madrid is the most successful and richest team in Spain and around the world. They held the record for La Liga championship 32 times, 19 times for the Copa del Rey, 19 times for the Super Cup.

On the European level, Real Madrid also was the owner of 11 Champions League titles and two the UEFA Cup championships.

FC Barcelona: 3 billion USD

Real Madrid’s greatest opponent – Barcelona ranked third, worth € 2.76 billion ($ 3 billion).

Barca is the second most successful football club in Spain, with 24 La Liga championships, 28 national trophies, 11 Super Cups. They have also been in the highest position five times in the prestigious UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona players are also holding two records: 11 times to win the European Golden Ball and 7 times to win FIFA’s Player of the Year award.

Bayern Munich: $ 2.4 billion

FC Bayern Munich is the most famous and successful football club in the history of the Bundesliga (Germany). This team continued to have no rivals in the domestic league, having won the Bundesliga for the fourth time in a row.

Bayern is the pride of German football, often contributing to the “pillars” of the West German national team and Germany later. They keep the domestic record with 26 times winning the national championship and 5 times winning the national cup.

Bayern also won the Champions League five times, including three consecutive times from 1974 to 1976 under the legendary Franz Beckenbauer.

Arsenal: 1.85 billion USD

Arsenal is the oldest traditional team in London and the second richest in the country.

The “gunners” have won 13 times in the highest league in the UK, 12 times the FA Cup winner, 2 times the League Cup winner. Most of Arsenal’s glory and fame was achieved under coach Arsène Wenger, who has been leading the team for 20 years.

This is also the invincible team during 38 matches in the season 2003-2004.

Manchester City: 1.8 billion USD

Priced at $ 1.8 billion by KPMG, Manchester City is ranked 6th on this list.

In the history of the domestic league, City’s performance proved to be inferior to Man Utd. They have 4 championships in the national champion league, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups.

Since 2008, after being bought back by Abu Dhabi United Group, Manchester City has become one of the richest teams on the planet and has recruited a series of talented players, thus becoming the champion in England in 2012 and 2014.

Chelsea: 1.6 billion USD

Right behind Manchester City is another London team: Chelsea FC.

On the domestic league level, Chelsea has won five English Premier League championships, seven the FA Cup, five League Cups. They are also the only English team to win all three European Cups: C1 (2012), C2 (1971, 1998) and C3 (2013).

Chelsea’s financial potential and strength have increased significantly since they were owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2003.

Liverpool: 1.4 billion USD

The 5th English team on the list of KPMG is Liverpool, estimated to be worth 1.27 billion Euros (1.4 billion USD).

Liverpool FC has the second successful matches in domestic competitions, just behind Manchester United.

“Merseyside Reds” have won 18 the First Division championships, 7 FA Cups and a  record of eight times winning League Cup. This is the most successful English team in Europe, with 5 times of winning Champions League and 3 times in the UEFA Cup.

Juventus: 1.1 billion USD

From Italy, Juventus team F.C is worth approximately 1.1 billion USD and ranks 9th in this list.

In the domestic arena, although Italy has many famous football teams such as AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS, etc, the new Juventus is the dominant club with 32 times winning the national championship, 11 times winning the nation cup.

The team also has won two C1, one C2, and three C3 Cup. They also regularly contribute the most stars to the Italy national football team at World Cup and Euro tournaments.

Paris Saint-Germain 10- 937 million

The team at the bottom of this list is from the magnificent capital of France Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

PSG is one of the most successful teams and also loved the most in France. Along with Olympique de Marseille, PSG is one of only two French teams to win a European trophy (C2 – 1996).

After being owned by the Qatar Sports Investments group in 2012, PSG became the richest “giant” in League 1, recruited a series of good players and constantly had no competitors in the domestic league ever since.

After reading the article of the richest football team in the world, are you feeling overwhelming with their real value? Which football team do you feel mostly impressed with? Let me know your answer below!