2. Waqar Younis –

Waqar Younis made his debut along with Sachin Tendulkar at Karachi in 1989.  His USP were toe crushing inswinging yorkers bowled at over 150 kmph. And this was after he had cut down on his pace following back problems earlier in his career. Like all Pakistani players of the time, Waqar Younis was spotted and that too by the great Imran Khan. On his debut test match against India, he took 4 wickets along with that of another debutant, Sachin Tendulkar, clean bowled.  The key thing that made Waqar Younis a great bowler was not his skill, it was his determination and intensity. He would put everything he had in each of his delivery. It didn’t matter if the batsman was Brian Lara or Chris Martin. And unlike bowlers of his age, who believed in hitting the deck hard, Waqar would bowl full and outside the off stump. And With some prodigious amount of late swing, the ball would crash into the leg stump.

Here is an example of Waqar’s skill. In this over, he sets up Brian Lara. After bowling some half volleys that are dispatched for 4, he bowls full on the middle stump which swings in and castles Lara’s leg stump. Watch and be amazed.



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