F1 Brawls
The moment it all went wrong

Whenever there is some sort of incident involving 2 or more sportspersons, there are 2 ways of dealing with it. You can either brush it off as no hard feelings or you could see red and start a brawl. Personally, i’d suggest the former as the latter will likely lose you sponsors, fans and respect. But some drivers are beyond forgiving and all hell breaks loose. Recently, retired F1 driver Felipe Massa was participating in a kart race and his teammate was taken out by a rival. The two engaged in such an ugly brawl that security had to intervene. While fights are often seen in racing series like NASCAR, it doesn’t mean that we don’t get F1 brawls too. Here we list of some of the biggest and ugliest F1 brawls.

F1 Brawls

Eliseo Salazar vs Nelson Piquet

F1 Brawls

This incident occurred during the 1982 German Grand Prix. The Brazilian came up on the Chilean to put him a lap down. Going into the chicane, Piquet dove down the inside of Salazar. Eliseo suddenly turned in and Piquet collided with him. The fuming Brazilian clambered out of his car and stormed up to the Chilean. He felt that Salazar robbed him of a chance of victory. Piquet gave him an almighty shove before peppering his helmet with a series of punches. Fortunately, the trackside marshals broke them up before things could get any worse. The only damage done was to a couple of bruised egos. 


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