Q – Qatar World Cup 2022

2015 was a shocking year for football’s governing body, FIFA, as they were engulfed in one scandal after the other. One of the biggest of the lot have been regarding Qatar winning the bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022 and also about the workers’ conditions to create stadiums and roads have also been questioned.


The International Trade Union Confederation claimed that 1,200 workers died while they were working on real estate and stadium projects related to the World Cup. In addition, Qatar’s hosting bid was allegedly called corrupt as they were thought to have ‘bought’ their way through to the bid. If the evidences are proved against Qatar’s bidding team, hosting rights will be revoked from them.

R – Rugby World Cup

The 2015 Rugby World Cup, was one of the most noteworthy Rugby World Cups as this was the first world cup with no new teams. The World Cup was won by New Zealand, who defeated Australia in the final. Argentina bagged 3rd place.


The match between Japan and South Africa turned out to be hailed as one of the biggest upsets in the history of Rugby as Japan opted not to score a penalty in the dying minutes of the game. It was also the first ever World Cup where not a single Northern Hemisphere team made it beyond the knockout stages. A colourful World Cup with lots to talk about, that’s just the way it should be!


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