The world is getting fitter and stronger and it is about time you realized that. Surveys show that women who have the right mass in the right places can work harder, are generally fit and definitely more appealing. Gaining weight is as much of a science as is losing weight, and it certainly can be a demanding exercise. So are you looking to move away from the skinny fad and work on your curves?

Essentially Sport’s list of to-dos, prepared by consulting some top-notch dieticians and fitness experts will make sure that you not only gain weight but also avoid any side-effects in the process.

  1. Diet: Your diet is easily the most important part of your mission to put on body mass. It must contain micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals as well as macro nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fat. It is important to balance them in the correct proportion so as to ensure your body has time to absorb them.

That is where Protein Factory’s Weight Gainer for Women comes handy. The product acts like your personal diet guru and guides you down the right road. It contains Oatmeals, which has a high carbohydrate content that increases your calorie intake but cuts down on the amount of sugar consumed. Egg white protein and flax oils are also in the stack, which will not only help you digest better but will also high calorific value. While egg white has a high nourishment value for women, while 2 tablespoons of flax oil will help you ingest 260 calories in one go.

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The last, but the most important item on the list is Creapure. It is a creatine mohohydrate that when consumed with the Oatmeal, radically increases your absorption capacity. Widely regarded as the world’s best supplement to build muscles and strength and scientifically proven to be the only one that increases body mass safely, Creatine will be at the heart of the Weight Gainer package. It helps your muscles to burn more energy, improves your stamina, facilitates many important biological processes and lowers sugar levels in the body. While you are on Weight Garner, it is important to avoid caffeine, soy, artificial sweeteners and added vitamins and minerals; all things that eat up mass and produce fatigue easily.

  1. Exercise: As a supplement to the diet, it is important to exercise and tone up the body. The plus side of having the Weight Gainer package is that you will not need to spend hours in the gym or with a trainer to figure out a proper regimen for yourself. Weight training 3-4 times a week and doing cardio on the balance days will help you bulk up naturally without having to overdo yourself.


  1. Rest and Recovery: Needless to say, this will be a critical part of the muscle gaining program. Working out regularly and consuming the Weight Gainer on a daily basis will require your body to rest and recuperate sufficiently. A sound sleep of 7-8 hours should do the trick and repair the tired muscles and make you fit and ready.

Regular excess, using the scientifically proven and internationally acclaimed Weight Garner and procuring enough rest will help you gain the muscles you have always craved for.

So what are you waiting for?

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