UEFA Champions League Predictions


Group F: FC Bayern Munich, Arsenal F.C., Olympiacos F.C., GNK Dinamo Zagreb

Old enemies. Arsenal must be really tired of meeting Bayern Munich now (and vice versa). It’s straight forward. The German giants to win the group, Arsenal to finish second and Olympiacos to finish third. While it would be straight forward for Bayern to sweep the other 2 teams (same can be said about Arsenal), the fixture between them will be challenging. Both teams will be favourites at their respective home venue, but as recent past has shown, both are also vulnerable to each other at home. Arsenal will be a much tougher nut to crack, given their reinforcement between the sticks, fixing one of their long-standing weaknesses.

Bayern celebrating with the Audi Cup
Bayern celebrating with the Audi Cup
Final Prediction:
Bayern (15 points) Win 5 Lose 1
Arsenal (13 points) Win 4, Draw 1, Lose 1
Olympicaos (5 points) Win 1, Draw 2, Lose 3
Dinamo Zagreb (1 point) Draw 1, Lose 5


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