UEFA club trophies in the 21st Century


9. Spain (23 out of 48)


2015 UEFA Champions League winners, FC Barcelona
2015 UEFA Champions League winners, FC Barcelona

Currently, all three trophies are in Spanish hands. They have won a total of 23 trophies (out of 48) European Trophies in the 21st century. They are the leaders in each of the three competitions. Five teams from Spain have won trophies in the 21st Century.

FC Barcelona – 7 Trophies (4 Champions League and 3 Super Cups)
Real Madrid – 5 trophies (3 Champions League and 2 Super Cups)
Sevilla FC – 5 Trophies (4 Europa Leagues and 1 Super Cup)
Atletico Madrid – 4 Trophies (2 Europa League and 2 Super Cups)
Valencia – 2 Trophies (1 Europa League and 1 Super Cup)

So, Spain have maintained a continuous dominance in the European front and considering that since 2008, the Ballon d’Or has been awarded to a player of the Spanish League, fair to say the Spanish Elite are the global elite in the world of football.


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