Unexpected F1 Winners Who Defied Expectations


3. Giancarlo Fisichella (Brazil’2003)

Unexpected F1 winners

The world championship’s 700th GP wasn’t to be a normal race. Specially at Interlagos, where rain always plays a part. This year, the intermediate Bridgestone tyre compound was’t the one to have. But the choice needed to be done way before, and the team’s gamble proved to be the wrong one.

That made for so many crashes and spins, and for a crazy strategy. Pole, for the local crowd delight, was Rubens Barrichello’s, with his Ferrari. But even with his bravery on wet conditions and a whole racetrack cheering for him, it wasn’t to be. He lost the lead to David Coulthard, repassed the Scot, but succumbed to a faulty fuel system on lap 47. At that point, turn 3 had already claimed Michael Schumacher and Juan-Pablo Montoya, to name some.

Then, all the hell broke loose on the “Subida do Café”. The outer wall and the weather claimed Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso in separate incidents. The red flag was waved and confusion set in. Kimi Räikkönen was declared winner, but it later transpired that Giancarlo Fisichella and his modest Jordan were ahead at the right time. Alonso, on the medical center, couldn’t attend the podium ceremony. And the bigger trophy was handed only at Imola, weeks later, to its real owner.


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