Unexpected F1 Winners Who Defied Expectations


6. Nelson Piquet (Canada 1991)

Unexpected F1 winners

Hard to say that any of Nelson Piquet’s 23 wins weren’t deserved. But the last one was as surprising as it could be. Canada 1991, Nigel Mansell and his Williams show a massive display of superiority – in fact, pole went to his teammate Riccardo Patrese but the first time drivers touched the brakes and the Briton was already ahead.

Ayrton Senna, in third place, was a threat. But a broken alternator left him out on lap 25. Later, it was Patrese’s time to find some gearbox glitches. Nothing terminal, but enough to make him lose ground. Piquet, then, appeared, but seemed pleased with a distant second.

Such was Mansell’s advantage that he was already waving to the crowd on the penultimate straight when his car refused to follow and stopped meters later. And the Brazilian, with his coloured Benetton, accepted the gift gratefully, just as Stefano Modena, second with a Tyrrell, and Patrese, that limped to third.


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