Unexpected F1 Winners Who Defied Expectations


7. Gerhard Berger (Italy 1998)

Unexpected F1 winners

There were the McLarens in 1988, and then the rest. But miracles can happen, especially when the tifosi put their faith on the track, and the track is Monza, their sanctuary. As it was the case on the other 15 rounds that year, it was to be one more “Ayrton and Alain show”, even more so that reliabilty on Ron Dennis’s troops was, if not perfect, better than the rivals.

But, first, Alain Prost stops with a rare mechanical failure. Ok, there is yet Ayrton Senna out front, a world ahead – the Brazilian was the polesitter. Until he found Jean-Louis Schlesser, struggling with a Williams on the Variante. The sportscar and rally-raid ace was called to replace an unwell Nigel Mansell. Bang! The crash unfurled a red carpet for Gerhard Berger, and he pleased the home crowd with a popular win.


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