Unexpected F1 Winners Who Defied Expectations


9. Jenson Button (Canada 2011)

Unexpected F1 winners

You start seventh and you crash. You crash again and you break the speed limit on the pitlane. Then you go to the bottom of the field and, on most cases, would expect for the race to end as soon as possible. But, on that very rainy day, Jenson Button showed patience and mettle to rise three times to the top, in what was the longest GP ever. Sure, he was already a world champion, but not even in his wildest dreams would he think about such a feat.

It was a matter of some luck, perfect timing and McLaren capacity of making the best of a compromised situation. After a two hour halt, the safety car moved the field again – then, the winner was only on 10th spot. But as the pitstop lottery went ahead, he moved to fourth, which was already a pretty decent position. But then, you have Michael Schumacher just in front, and Mark Webber and, once you leave both behind, only Sebastian Vettel split the silver McLaren from the top. Last lap, pressure mounts, and the German makes one of his rare mistakes. The rollercoaster race of Jenson Button ends in… champagne.


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