3) Most Grand Prix Entered Without Qualifying

Claudio Langes

Some say, in F1, you’re as good as your equipment but when the combination is poor, only a miracle can save you. During the 1990 season, some teams had to tackle the pre-qualifying session. The competition to at least be part of the official program wasn’t as fierce as the years before, but the 1990 EuroBrun car was not as decent as their first models.

The Swiss squad had little to no money and all resources were concentrated on Brazilian driver, Roberto Moreno’s car. Italo-Swiss driver Claudio Langes had some sponsorship but, in 14 GPs, never managed to qualify even once.

4) Slowest Car Ever

The Life Racing Engines team

There are the F1 cars, and then there is Life Racing Engines. At least that was the name of the team that, in 1989, recovered the chassis designed for the then-F-3000 squad First Motorsport. First motorsport tried to enter the circus, but decided not to, without the right backing. Life decided to fit a W-12 prototype engine on the car, designed by erstwhile Ferrari engineer Franco Rocchi.

Unfortunately, the engine was heavy, untested and unreliable. When it allowed Gary Brabham and Bruno Giacomelli to sign some lap times, they were 15 to 20 seconds slower than the penultimate rival, which meant no chance to pass the pre-qualifying. The team even gained some obscure Russian backing and tried to fit a more common Judd V10 unit on the back of the car, but to no avail. Contrary to popular belief, the 2017 McLaren-Honda is not the worst F1 car, just ask anyone who grew up in the 90s.


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