Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

As if it was not established already, Daniel Ricciardo is a downright hilarious person. The Australian is simply a bundle of positivity and many enjoy his presence. In fact, even though they are no longer teammates, Ricciardo and Max Verstappen get along very well outside the track.

At last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix 2019, Daniel Ricciardo was back at his hilarious best. During an interview with Ziggo Sport, he was actually singing into the microphone, and the interviewer was singing along with him.

If his primary aim was to be the cynosure of all eyes, he was doing a very good job of it. As it turned out, Charles Leclerc, who was nearby, in his own interview, got heavily distracted by the crooning Australian.

Even the Renault team got in on the action on Twitter to talk about Daniel Ricciardo. They praised his daredevil overtakes, his speed and his vocal chops. Ricciardo himself said, Not sure what it is. But it felt good and a great way to stay in shape.”

In all honesty, if there was a “F1’s Got Talent” show, Ricciardo would not only be the first person to sign up, but he would win. In fact, The Renault driver can belt out chords on just about anything.

One of the most famous original tracks on his playlist was the ‘scrotum song’. A video of him surfaced, where he was driving a car and singing, “I just wanna tickle my scrotum and touch my nutsack”.

Also, back when he was in Red Bull, he sang about winter testing in 2018, with a beat to accompany him. He sang, “Well we’re out at winter testing, it is goddamn cold. We’re in Barcelona and we’re catching pneumonia. I cannot sing and my music talent’s terrible, but I’m bored so get me out here.”