The Australian Grand Prix just got over and for the likes of Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen, Daniil Kvyat among others, it was a race to remember. On the other side of the spectrum for racers like Sebastian Vettel, Pierre Gasly and home favourite Daniel Ricciardo it was a forgetful couple of hours.

Home favourite Daniel Ricciardo has never had any luck at the Australian Grand Prix. That continued well into 2019 as well when his front wing got destroyed just minutes after the start. He took a trip to the grass and had his entire wing taken off. Even though he pitted and got a new one soon after, the pace of the car wasn’t there. Renault confirmed he had damage to his sidepods which impacted his pace.

Nonetheless, post race, Ricciardo was his usual self. Smiling, chirping around, coming face to face with whatever happened. And just at that moment something happened that we thought was worth covering.

He was giving an interview when a reporter behind started talking. He got a bit irritated and with a broadest smile asked the reporter behind to “Shut the **** up”

Now any other driver would have done that, it would have been considered rude. But for someone like Ricciardo, considering the type of amiable personality that he is, it just seems a light hearted moment.

Ricciardo will be hoping his bad luck in 2018 doesn’t follow him in 2019 as well. He had a turbulent second half of the season thanks to reliability problems. He’ll be hoping to hit the refresh button in Bahrain two weeks from now and use the Renault pace, showcased by his teammate Nico Hulkenberg to gain some healthy points for himself and for the team.

Meanwhile the midfield looks more tightly packed than ever and Renault won’t find it easy, even with a driver like Ricciardo to retain the fourth position this year.