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Watch: Tony Ferguson Starts Off His Streak With a Breath Taking Knockout

Watch: Tony Ferguson Starts Off His Streak With a Breath Taking Knockout

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson is a hot property in the market of MMA. The mixed martial artist is currently enjoying his career with 13 straight wins and he is the no.1 UFC Lightweight Champion right now. Widely regarded by pundits as one of the best lightweights in the history of lightweights, Ferguson is quoted to have “Free Jazz” as his fighting style. Not playing by the rules and finishing up fights with the most unorthodox of moves. Ferguson is as elite as a fighter can get.

Who would have guessed that after a shocking defeat to Michael Johnson, Ferguson would go on an incredible 13 fight win streak? Well, it all started with an impressive knockout against Katsunori Kikuno.

El Cucuy Hits Hard and Hits Often

Tony Ferguson went up against Katsunori Kikuno in a highly anticipated fight. Fans were expecting a scrap and they did not leave the arena disappointed. Both Kikuno and Tony had some high points in the fight. In the early minutes, Kikuno did have some success and landed some good shots Tony ate them all like they were nothing. When you are up against Tony Ferguson you better be ready to go to war for five whole rounds cause he is going to keep coming until the fight stops or someone stops him.

Clearly Tony’s pressure was having an effect of Kikuno as he was starting to gas out. He was also absorbing some heavy shots from Ferguson. In the final minute of the first round, Tony landed two big right hands that made Kikuno bounce off the canvas. The fight ended at 4:06 minutes of the first round 1. It was a typical Tony Ferguson fight. Tony absorbed his opponent’s best shot, still kept coming until the fight is over.

It was another impressive performance from the former interim champion. But can he do the same when he is up against arguably the greatest fighter of all time?

Khabib Nurmagomedov, Biggest Challenge of Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson will be facing his most anticipated and biggest challenge of the UFC when he goes up against Khabib Nurmagomedov with the lightweight title on the line. This is what people have been waiting for. The unbeaten streak of Khabib is believed to be in danger against Tony Ferguson. Both of them being excellent in their recent runs, this will make the fight extremely interesting. The animal inside them would be unleashed as their individual records and fighting styles are set to clash at UFC 249.

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