Best of Serena Williams and daughter olympia in 2020

Serena Williams and Daughter Olympia twin on the Tennis Court

Serena Williams and Olympia recreate 'Beauty and the Beast'

Credit: YouTube/ Trendy Videos

Olympia zips up her mom's princess dress

Serena Williams cheered up by Olympia-sponsored makeup

Credit: YouTube/ HRH Hestia Network

Serena Williams shares morning routine with daughter Olympia

Credit: YouTube/ Newborn Arrival

Olympia giving mom Serena Williams 'COVID Test'

Credit: YouTube/ Celebrity Kids Are Us

Olympia playing with her doll 'qai qai'

Serena Williams and Olympia twinning

Credit: YouTube/ HRH Hestia Network

Olympia showing off her cooking skills

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Serena Williams and Olympia playing games

Credit: YouTube/ JaiyeOrieTv