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What Will the Premier League do With VAR This Summer?

What Will the Premier League do With VAR This Summer?


The hottest topic in English football right now is without a doubt VAR. However, as much as we would all love some kind of change right now to make things better, it is almost certainly going to be left in the summer. After the season we have seen so far, it seems likely a change will be made to how VAR operates during the off-season, but what can be done to make things better for everyone involved in the game?

When looking at VAR, the league needs to consider everything. Players and managers are involved in the game’s decisions, and their jobs can often rely on them being right. Fans support their teams up and down the country, and punters are potentially losing money each week because of the decisions. According to newbettingsites.uk a wide range of bookmakers offers odds on football every single day, and the bets they accept are being won and lost due to the decisions made by VAR.

How Can VAR be Changed?

VAR in action

The most likely scenario is that changes will be made to VAR this summer. There have been many different suggestions based around this, and it is important when you look at these to understand that we are need to change how VAR is used, not change the offside rule as a whole.

One of the best suggestions that has been made is to revers how VAR is used when looking at offsides. At the moment, if any part of your body that you can legally score a goal with is deemed to be offside, then you are classed as offside. This has resulted in goals not been given because of the width of a toe, or because they are leaning at the moment the ball is played, and their shoulder is in front of the defender.

Instead of this, with a reversed look at it, providing any part of the player’s body is onside, the goal would be given. So, in this instance, a player could be leaning or have their toe in front of the defender, as long as something was behind them and this would be classed as onside.

This will prevent the minute details and narrow margins that we are seeing now being used on a regular basis, which is probably the biggest VAR complaint we have seen so far. Secondly, this would go back to the old offside rule where the attacker gets the benefit of the doubt. By penalising players for leaning the wrong way, we are taking that advantage away from the attacker, with this change, we would be giving it back to them.

Could the Premier League Scrap VAR?

This is highly unlikely to happen, with many of the big footballing bodies around the world investing in VAR for the future of the game. Although things have not gone to plan as many had hoped, with many example of this, the basics are all in place to have VAR involved and it would be a big surprise to see it scrapped after just one season.

Something else that looks incredibly unlikely is that VAR will remain exactly the same as it is now, with no improvements or changes made. When VAR was trialled last season and introduced this season, many of us expected things to work perfectly but that hasn’t been the case.

However, it could be said that we all had lofty expectations for it, and we should have been prepared for a season or two of ‘growing pains’ as the authorities nailed down the changes that needed to be made.

VAR in 2020/21

It will be fascinating to see what VAR changes are made ahead of next season by the Premier League. Players, managers, fans and those who use betting sites will all be eagerly awaiting this, to see what the league are going to put in place.

We all want VAR to work, and the general feeling is that it will eventually work well. However, the problems we have seen occur in the first full season of use in the Premier League shows that there is far more work than expected to be done before it can be described as the perfect system and tool to get decisions correct.

A few tweaks here and there should put things back on track, and next season will be a far better one to judge whether VAR should be part of the future of football, and how far away from perfection we are.

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