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Who is Formula One Star Max Verstappen Dating?

Who is Formula One Star Max Verstappen Dating?

Max Verstappen is just 22-years old, however, he has already earned himself a reputation. Many regard him as one of F1’s best drivers and the flag-bearer of Formula One’s next generation of stars.

He made his F1 debut at just 17-years old, and is already a fan favourite among many, although some criticise his aggressive moves.

However, the Red Bull driver’s personal life is one that F1 fans have been dying to know about, aside from his family. The Dutchman has dated a number of Instagram beauties, sports stars, models and even other racing drivers. .

His many flames included, fellow racing driver Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky. The two were together for around a year during his early days in F1.

The team’s official Twitter account even shared a picture of her sitting in his Toro Rosso F1 car with the caption, “that special moment when you show off your sports car to your girlfriend”.

However, Max and Mikaela reportedly broke up shortly after he joined Red Bull, where he currently races. Then, Max Verstappen was linked to Maxime Pourquie in early 2017.

The hockey player reportedly met the young Dutchman on New Year’s Eve and the two hit it off. The rumour mill churned even harder when Pourquie was flown out to Verstappen’s flash pad in Monaco on a whim.

Maxime and Max have also been pictured out for dinner with pals on Instagram and linked together by the European press. However it seems that nothing substantial took place and that ship sailed.

Next on the rumour mill hit list was Instagram star Joyce Godefridi after his maiden win at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016.

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The racing driver apparently sent a number of emojis to her on one of her stunning Instagram snaps. Snapchat pictures have also emerged of the pair taking a selfie in a car together.

Currently, he is dating Dilara Sanlik a German student, who hails from Munich, but is studying in London.

The couple have kept their relationship on the down low, until it was revealed that they got together towards the end of 2017.

Apparently, Verstappen was so smitten with Sanlik that he quickly invited her to dinner with his family

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