Will Southampton Stay in Elite of English Football?


This season, Southampton has been in the relegation zone for a long time. The team with such a lineup deserves much more. The Saints still have half of the championship to rectify the situation, but it is necessary to take action now.

The logical decision after a number of failures was the dismissal of Mark Hughes as head coach of the team. He did a good job, but it is clear that the team has stopped progressing, and this is the worst scenario for such an ambitious team.


Now Southampton FC is facing an extremely difficult task, but the team has everything necessary to break away from the relegation zone and ensure a peaceful ending of the championship. Among the strengths of the Saints are:

  1. Good selection of players in each of the lines. With this lineup, the team can count on a place in the middle of the standings, which it occupied for the last few seasons.
  2. Interaction between players on the field. Here, each partner knows the capabilities of their colleagues. This should be reflected in the football scores, but this season the proven mechanism still fails. However, already in the recent matches it became noticeable that the game of the team began to improve.
  3. Weaknesses of competitors. Although this is not a direct advantage of Southampton, but it should not be forgotten when it comes to a long and eventful tournament distance, during which there can be many surprises.

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Southampton’s Prospects in Second Half of Season

Despite the rather serious difficulties that the team has, let’s hope for the best, the first is that it will be able to get out of the danger zone. It is nice to watch Southampton matches, because the team plays attacking football and not always think about the defense, so the opponents use it.

It is now extremely important for the club to start scoring points in matches against competitors who are inferior to it in the selection of players. This may well be a determining factor in the long-term. Let’s see what will be the fate for the team, which managed to attract not only English fans, but also fans of the EPL from various parts of the world. In order to do it, visit this site, and you will get the most detailed and comprehensive information to clarify the situation.


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