Williams F1 Reserve Role a New Perspective: Kubica

2019 Williams seat
Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica has said that his Williams F1 reserve role has allowed him to gain a deeper understanding towards racing. The 33-year old was aiming for a fairytale F1 race return following successful tests with modern F1 machinery last year. It was the first time he had done so since the 2011 rally crash that almost killed him.

After months of speculation, Kubica eventually lost the full-time Williams seat to Sergey Sirotkin. However, his hopes have not been completely dashed as he has been given the reserve role.

Williams F1 Reserve Role
Robert Kubica

The Pole said, “It’s a good feeling for me. If you think where I was 12 months ago, things have changed quite a lot. Actually I am enjoying my position, it’s giving me quite a lot of challenges and also opportunities to see the team working, to see different point of view of many things. When you are a race driver, you see things in the race driver mode. The engineers, technicians, mechanics, all the team is working, but when you are a race driver you don’t get so deep as I have opportunity to get in this situation. It’s a good opportunity and, I’m enjoying it, it’s also good fun, and I think it will be an interesting year.”

When questioned about the Williams pace, Kubica opted to keep mum. However, he admitted, from his point of view it was quite clear where the FW41 needs more work. But he also said that it was normally┬áthe race driver’s job to optimise it and use it to the best of his abilities.

He also defended his decision to step aside for Lance Stroll to test the car on the final day. Kubica knew that he was just in the Williams F1 reserve role and Stroll would need all the testing experience he could get.



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