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World Championships: Men’s Singles favourites

World Championships: Men’s Singles favourites

Source : yonex.com
Source: yonex.com

Jan O Jorgensen
Jan O Jorgensen is Denmark’s latest hope, who is aiming to get his first medal at the World Championships and emulate or better Peter Gade: a legend. And all he needs is a big break. There would be nothing better than this event to make it big and show the world that he deserves his World No.2 ranking. Jorgenson has all the talent to do it, just a bit of luck and some good temperament. The draw might not have been the best he hoped for, but he has at least avoided HS Prannoy: so many times his party pooper. With enough motivation to win it, if he stays in the right frame of mind for one week starting August 10th, he will make history.

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