worst f1 teams

Any debate regarding the best F1 teams will always bring out different opinions and cause arguments. Some teams are forgotten, some underestimated and some overestimated, and normally a partisan fight ensues. But you can be sure that the same happens when the discussion revolves around the worst teams. It is almost sure that not everybody will agree with the names, even more so when you have more candidates than places on a list. So to create a list of the 10 worst F1 teams ever, the following names sprung into mind, with the reasons explained.


worst f1 teams

It all started with a chassis that should mark First Motorsport’s – then a force in F-3000 – first foray into F-1. Lamberto Leoni’s squad plans didn’t go into fruition but, with a Judd V8 (as it should be) at its back, the car could have played a decent role in other hands. The obvious choice wasn’t the one that Ernesto Vita used with his team.

Former Ferrari engineer Franco Rocchi had a W12 ready to use – think about a V8 with an inline four in the middle at that time (1990) . Even at the dyno, it showed some promise, but was really tested in the GPs, with the late Gary Brabham as the chosen driver. The combination never worked, in a year that even pre-qualifying was necessary to define the 30 cars that would fight for the 26 positions on the grid.

To make the F190 complete one whole lap was already a feat and, when it did, rivals were no less than 15 seconds ahead. Disastrous and shameful for poor Jack Brabham’s son, enough was enough and not even a Russian capital injection (the car even had the Mig badge, from the aircraft fighters factory) could bring a solution. The car was slower than the F-3 cars that raced on the same weekend in Monaco. While, reluctantly, Vita decided to scrap the W12 engine for a more reliable Judd V8 in Spain and Portugal, the efforts were to no avail.


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