Andrea Moda

worst f1 teams

Not that the Coloni squad was a force to be reckoned with, but the effort of Enzo Coloni was, at least, planned and serious, and helped to launch drivers like Gabriele Tarquini. But when he decided to leave, the remnants of the team were bought by Andrea Sassetti – a man who was good at the art of creating shoes, but managing a F1 team was not his forte. In 1992 the team arrived in South Africa with boxes full of parts, but not a car (and that was still the old Coloni one).

A political fight ensued, as FIA determined that, as a new team, Andrea Moda had to pay the US$ 100,000 tax and only run his own model, which wasn’t ready then. The same situation ensued in Mexico and the originally committed pair of Alex Caffi and Enrico Bertaggia was dropped. Replacing them were Roberto Moreno and Perry Mccarthy.

A new chassis, with Judd V10 power, was committed to Nick Wirth and was ready by Interlagos, the third Grand Prix of the season, when poor Moreno almost had the chance of completing a lap. Perry McCarthy, however, could only see that from the boxes. Then, came Monaco and the “super sub” Roberto Moreno. He used to shine even with poor equipment, and made the miracle of going ahead of pre-qualifying and putting the S921 on the grid.

He started dead last and was running as high as 19th, only to abandon the race on lap 11. At least the Italian squad would have a GP start on its rostrum. With little spare parts and no budget at all, hard reality ensued and the car was never again near the Brazilian’s feat. McCarthy hardly had the chance to complete some laps and the chaotic situation continued until Belgium. Sassetti was put in jail by local authorities due to financial concerns, and the team was expelled by the FIA so as not to be detrimental to the sport’s image.


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