worst f1 teams

If one looks today at the Mercedes dominance, one will hardly believe that the German strength in Formula 1 wasn’t nowhere near this when the Silver Arrows left the grid following their first guise, following the Le Mans tragedy that year. Teams and drivers hadn’t tasted success – Wolfgang Von Trips was an exception – but projects were many. Among them, one was started by businessman Günther Hennerici, who saw motor racing as a good platform to advertise his caravan factory, in 1972. He could just buy a March 721, as it was allowed at the time, and put it on the track, but decided to do more.

He brought in designer Luigi Colani to improve the package, which he tried to do, but ended up creating one of the ugliest F1 machines ever. The car had a huge air intake on the nose, and a single mounted rear view mirror, placed in the middle. It at least worked, no problem, but it lacked terribly on down-force and had set up problems. Although he was a very fast driver, Rolf Stommelen could do little to improve things, and it was decided to dump the in-house design to bet on the original March project. Eight races and a couple of 10th places were the length of the adventure for Hennerici.


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