Forti Corse

At some point in motor racing, it was just like football: you started in the lower divisions and, once strong enough, tried to play your way to the top. Especially in Britain and Italy it proved to be true and one of those cases was Forti Corse’s. Guido Forti’s team had quite a decent rostrum on F-3 and F-3000, and in 1995, with a good sponsor support provided by Brazilian supermarket tycoon Abilio Diniz, father of Pedro Paulo Diniz, they decided that it was time to climb the last mountain. The chassis was a rewriting of the project for the now defunct Fondmetal 1993 car. Being designed almost like a puzzle – one gave input here, the other there, and with an under-powered Ford ED V8, it raised no eyebrows.

It was heavy and very slow indeed. And if one takes a look at some of the results and finds some seventh, ninth or tenth places (Diniz and Roberto Moreno were the drivers), they were laps and laps behind the leaders. There was a huge effort to make the car more competitive, but to little avail. For 1996, Forti and engineer Paolo Guerci hired some competent people to the team, but Diniz decided to leave for Ligier and took all sponsors with him.

Plans to bring in a new chassis and a powerful Ford engine were halted by then. Andrea Montermini and Luca Badoer were drafted and, after the latter flipped in Argentina (touched by… Diniz), a new chassis, the FG03 was produced, which gave some hope. But… a war with Shannon Racing, an investment entity that had to own 51% of the team, ensued, and money became scarce. The team story ended after the Hungarian GP.


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