worst f1 teams

Before the Concorde Agreement and the rigid rules concerning participation in F-1, almost anyone could try to join it, in almost anything with four wheels and an engine (well, quite). The 1970 decade was even more prodigal, as Ford Cosworth’s were cheap, reliable and competitive. With a decent chassis and good hands at the wheel, the sky was the limit.

In 1979, German Willi Kaasen, with F2 experience, gave the green light to his dream and started production of Kaasen WK, designed by Klaus Kapitsa. With promising Italian Gianfranco Bran Catelli on the seat (one that later would become a touring car legend), Kauhsen showed at the Spanish GP, in Jarawa, but didn’t qualify. The same fate happened in Belgium, after a huge effort to make the car more competitive. The enormous career of the Kauhsen team lasted two races, but the car had a new life, after being sold to Arturo Merzario, who would create his own team. Not that it was more successful, though.


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