Worst Ferrari seasons of all time
Gilles Villeneuve at the 1980 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch

As much as the year before was unforgettable, bringing a hard-earned crown and showing that Ferrari could also develop a wing car as efficient as its rivals, the 1980 season for the Prancing Horse was disastrous.” Il Commendatore” stuck with a combination that was way outdated and thought that some minor changes on Jody Scheckter’s champion 312T4 were enough to keep winning ways. Not that there were so many changes on F1 – teams relying on the good old Cosworth V8 were the majority, while turbos slowly started to gain ground, by the hand of pioneers Renault.

And even if Scheckter and Villeneuve made an explosive combination – after the Canadian support to his teammate in 1979, one should expect the roles could be inverted then, neither one nor the other had nothing to be proud of. It was necessary to drop until P14 on final standings to find the second. Scheckter was even below that, on P19, and decided enough was enough. At the end of that year, he decided to call it quits and waved goodbye to the circus.

The Canadian, whose opportunity on a top team was given by Maranello’s team and had total support from the Commendatore himself, would stay, hoping for better days.


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