The Architect of SHAQ and Kareem's Business Triumphs: Leonard Armato

The Architect of SHAQ and Kareem's Business Triumphs: Leonard Armato

The ES FanCast is your one-stop destination for all the discussion about sports, your favorite athlete and beyond. This week, we connect with Leonard Armato, a renowned individual in the NBA sphere, who has helped Shaquille O’Neal create the ‘SHAQ’ brand and helped boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya form ‘The Golden Boy Promotions’. A prolific sports lawyer and manager, Leonard Armato has also managed another NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He is also the founder of AVP Beach Volleyball and is highly involved with the sports branding ecosystem. In the upcoming FanCast episode, Leonard shares unheard stories about Shaq, how he became such a massive brand, insights on Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy, and much more. Be a part of this experience, brought to you by EssentiallySports.
The Architect of SHAQ and Kareem's Business Triumphs: Leonard Armato
Hosted byVishal Kolar
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Quick Moments

Rundown of the key segments from the livestream

Time Flies

What's your take

Besides Shaquille O’Neal, who would you call the most dominant center in NBA history?

Hakeem Olajuwon

Bill Russell

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The iconic move from Magic to Lakers

What's your take

Which was SHAQ’s most entertaining phase in the NBA?

Orlando Magic

Los Angeles Lakers

Miami Heat

A True Industry Veteran

What's your take

If not Basketball, which sport could SHAQ have aced?



Any other sport

A True Icon

What's your take

In Which Sport Did Leonard Armato Have His Most Contribution?




MVPs of the game

What's your take

What is the most popular sport in the US right now?



Something else

“Big Time Agents”

What's your take

Is the sports industry still under the monopoly of big-time agents and marketers?




NFL Peak

What's your take

How Many Super Bowls Did Ronnie Lott Win with San Francisco?




NFL’s Best DBs

What's your take

For Ronnie Lott’s impeccable legacy, who would be the best competitor?

Jack Tatum

Steve Atwater

John Lynch

The Superstars

What's your take

Who would you call the most popular sports celebrity of all time?

Michael Jordan

Muhammad Ali

Tom Brady

SHAQ & His Rivals

What's your take

Who did Shaquille O’Neal share the most iconic rivalry with?

David Robinson

Yao Ming

Anybody else

Everyone's Favorite!

What's your take

What is Your Favorite Aspect About Shaquille O’Neal?

His Personality

Comedy and Humor


Tough Times

What's your take

Did Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie split the right way?




The Boxing Glory

What's your take

The Biggest Boxing Star To Come From Golden Boy Promotions Ever?

Oscar De La Hoya

Canelo Alvarez

Ryan Garcia

Art of Combat

What's your take

Is Boxing still the most popular combat sport?


Tied with MMA

No- It’s Pro Wrestling

Feminine Power

What's your take

Can Women's Sports Take Over Men’s Sports In The Future?

Absolutely Yes

Not Anytime Soon



What's your take

Who is the Greatest WNBA Legend of all time?

Diana Taurasi

Tamika Catchings

Someone Else

Caitlyn Clarke Magic

What's your take

Which Brand Signed Caitlin Clarke In a Record-Breaking Deal?




The Heritage Show!

What's your take

Should Shaq and Chucky continue their show after the dissolution of the NBA TNT show?

YT channel

NBC should retain them


The NBA broadcasting

What's your take

Can NBC be a successful broadcaster of the NBA like TNT?




Carrying The Torch!

What's your take

Who Would You Call a Modern-Day SHAQ in The NBA Today?

Joel Embiid

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Zion Williamson

Two Facets of Same Coin

What's your take

Is AVP Women’s Volleyball More Popular Than The Men’s?



Separate Fanbases


What's your take

What is Jerry West’s Greatest Accomplishment?

Model of NBA Logo

Manager of LAKERS

Player of LAKERS

NBA Pinnacle!

What's your take

Other than the Los Angeles Lakers, with which team did SHAQ win his 4th NBA title?

Miami Heat

Boston Celtics

Orlando Magic

The LAKERS Legacy

What's your take

Pick one as the ultimate LAKERS Legend of All-Time

Kobe Bryant

LeBron James

Magic Johnson


What's your take

Which is your favorite SHAQ and Kobe moment?

Winning 3 Peat

Kobe scoring 60 on his last

SHAQ crying for Kobe

The Cinematic Bling

What's your take

Name your favorite Shaquille O’Neal movie of all time?




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