F1 Teams Unhappy with Racing Point Developing a Mercedes F1 Clone – Reports

When the 2020 BWT Racing Point car rolled out of the garage for the first time, there was something familiar about it. It soon transpired that it looked like a carbon copy…


Roger Federer and Bill Gates

“Link to Bill Gates and His Foundation is Worth Gold” – Roger Federer

The ardent devotion towards philanthropy draws the Swiss tennis great Roger Federer and American business magnate Bill Gates closer. Their foundations are constantly engaged in the betterment of people’s lives. For Federer,…


Lando Norris

Lando Norris Continues His Ruthless Trolling of Russell and His Williams in the 2020 F1 Season

The Williams F1 team have developed a reputation for being one of the slowest F1 teams in recent years. The Grove-based team was arguably one of the worst teams on the grid.…