LIV Golf's Uncertain Future to NBA's Glitz & Glamor ft. Jason Zone Fisher

LIV Golf's Uncertain Future to NBA's Glitz & Glamor ft. Jason Zone Fisher

Welcome to The ES Think Tank, your ultimate hub for discussions on athlete branding. Hosted by Trey Holder, a renowned figure in the sports industry, we bring you the latest updates, insights, and advice on marketing and branding. This week, join us for an interesting conversation with Jason Zone Fisher, an actor-filmmaker and a regular host on NBA’s biggest nights. A passionate host and fan of the sport, Jason is a multi-professional who also runs his own production house titled ‘In The Zone’.Having witnessed the commercial & entertaining aspects of major events, Fisher has umpteen insights to share with brand makers and consumers. Tune in to the seventh episode of Think Tank as he sits down with Trey Holder, founder of Brand Innovators. Don’t miss this exclusive experience, brought to you by EssentiallySports.
LIV Golf's Uncertain Future to NBA's Glitz & Glamor ft. Jason Zone Fisher
Hosted byTrey Holder
Episode description

Quick Moments

Rundown of the key segments from the livestream

NBA’s Greatest Period

What's your take

The Best Era in NBA?

The 90s

The 80s

Current Generation

“Commercial Heights”

What's your take

Which of these sports brands produces the best commercials?




NBA’s Finest PG

What's your take

If not Chris Paul, whom would you pick as the greatest PG in NBA history?

Magic Johnson

Steph Curry

Russ Westbrook

Biggest Brand in NBA

What's your take

Do you think Kobe Bryant’s ‘MAMBA’ brand is the Biggest In the NBA?



Close to Air Jordan

The Browns

What's your take

After whom were the Cleveland Browns Named?

Paul Brown

Jim Brown

Mike Brown

Feminine Power

What's your take

Pick one major contemporary of Caitlin Clark in the WNBA

Angel Reese

Jackie Young

Brittney Griner

Witnessing Greatness In Person

What's your take

Which of these sports leagues is the best in the USA?




Loving and Living His Job

What's your take

Who is the best Dunker in NBA history?

Vince Carter

Michael Jordan

Someone Else

World of Basketball

What's your take

Who do you think is the biggest basketball superstar right now?

LeBron James

Steph Curry

Nikola Jokić

One Life, Many Roles

What's your take

Which of these sports has the most entertaining broadcast team?




The NBA Host

What's your take

Pick your favorite NBA Host-

Jason Zone Fisher

Malika Andrews

Ian Eagle

Social Media

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