The grueling diet of bryson dechambeau

Bryson DeChambeau is a revolutionary in golf through his aggressive approach to the game. DeChambeau follows a rigorous diet to keep his body fit which enables him swing the ball with extraordinary power.


To have a healthy day, Bryson DeChambeau has to have a healthy start. His breakfast includes Four eggs, five pieces of bacon, toast, two protein shakes. 

Credit: Youtube/Bryson DeChambeau's


To keep himself going throughout the day,Bryson DeChambeau takes a GoMacro protein bar. 

Credit: Youtube/Bryson DeChambeau's


Later as the day passes on, Bryson DeChambeau then has a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich along with protein shake in his lunch. 

Credit: Youtube/Bryson DeChambeau's

Mid-round snacks

 At least two protein shakes when he is out on the golf course, keeps him going during the Mid-round as well as post round. 

Credit: Youtube/Bryson DeChambeau's


After a long and tiring day, dinner has to be something that fills your stomach and puts you to sleep. Bryson DeChambeau has Steak and potatoes for dinner.

Credit: Youtube/Bryson DeChambeau's

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