‘He’s a Perfectionist’- Days After Novak Djokovic’s Friendship Bomb on Roger Federer, Ex-coach’s Blunt Revelation Shows Mysterious Similarities Between the Two Tennis Legends


Recently, Boris Becker shared Djokovic’s qualities that the global media often ignores. As it turns out, one of Djokovic’s most fierce rivals ever, Roger Federer, is a living embodiment of many of those qualities.

Becker talks about the ‘worldly’ qualities of Novak Djokovic

According to Djokovic’s former coach Becker, Djokovic possesses numerous qualities that don’t get as much media attention as they should. Becker said, “He’s actually a very outgoing, very worldly man”. The German legend added, “You can talk to him about business, politics, about music, and he’s a good guy.”

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Serena Williams

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Becker went on to say, “He’s also a real tennis historian. He understands who was there beforehand and he wants to make a mark. Then he’s a perfectionist, like all superstars. He wants to play the perfect match, which in his case probably happened once or twice.”

Becker’s revelation about Djokovic in his interview showcased the fact that at the core, the Serb has several qualities in common with Federer. 

Djokovic’s hidden qualities are a reminder of the positives of Swiss Maestro

For starters, Federer, for the most part of his trophy-laden career, was a perfectionist through and through. He was also more than just a tennis player. For Federer, tennis was nothing short of an obsession.

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