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Earlier this month, Shakira relocated to the US with both of her children. While she was hellbent on leaving Spain, she was seemingly waiting for her dad’s health to get better. However, one fine day, the fans woke up to a farewell message on Instagram. Before anyone realizes it, she has already boarded her flight to America. While the fans were quite surprised at the abruptness of her departure, an interesting report emerged at the same time.

Inside sources claimed that Gerard Pique’s father sent the singer an ‘eviction notice’. Since then, the media have been on the lookout for Joan Pique. Recently a journalist spotted him walking his dog. Upon confrontation, he began running and the mic could barely record his cryptic five-word response.

Did Shakira leave because of Pique’s father?


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Considering her deteriorating father’s health, the fans believed that the singer would stay back for a little longer. However, her sudden moving out to America raised quite a few eyebrows. Soon after her departure, La Vanguardia interestingly claimed that the soccer veteran’s father was the culprit.

Joan Pique reportedly sent the singer an email that contained the eviction notice. The notice reportedly stated that she needed to leave the property by the end of April or face heavy compensation charges.

To gain some further clarity, the paparazzi started looking for Pique’s father. A few days ago, a journalist finally found him and casually walked up to him. Surprisingly, Joan Pique tried fleeing the scene. He was running at top speed to avoid the reporters. However, he did indirectly answer a question on the supposed eviction notice. His five worded response was, “What a siege of yours”.

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These five words have left the fanbase even more confused than before. Apart from that, let’s have a look at a few other reports.

Pique and Clara Chia preparing to move into the same Barcelona mansion


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Recent reports suggest that Gerard Pique is planning on moving back into his Esplugues de Llobregat property. However, “Many rumors suggest that Gerard Piqué will move to the Barcelona mansion where he lived with Shakira, and he will do so with his girlfriend Clara Chía, with whom he would start a new life, as he had planned for a long time”, as per Canal RCN and translated by Google Translate.

On the other hand, Shakira wiped the Barcelona mansion completely clean before leaving. From her own wardrobe to the heavy furniture, she’s taken it all. A few of her heavy musical baggage is still in the garage. The new celebrity couple is reportedly waiting for Shakira to completely move out of Spain and then finally start living a new life together.


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