‘Sang the Backstreet Boys in Falsetto’ – Wife Mirka’s Adorable Revelation on How a Young Roger Federer Swooned Her

Roger Federer, with his courteous and elegant playing style, has charmed the whole sporting realm. However, the 20-time singles Grand Slam champion’s latent talent for singing is something that the fans are unaware of. The fans were surprised to know that it was Federer’s singing talent and not his tennis that impressed his wife, Mirka. Federer’s wife has recently made a surprising revelation by saying that her husband made her fall in love with his singing talent. Mirka further revealed that Federer singing the Backstreet Boys in falsetto made her fall for him.

Mirka talked about Roger Federer, and his latent talent for singing.

Federer and Mirka been involved in a romantic relationship since before getting married, in 2009. Their relationship dates all the way back to the early 2000s when they traveled together for various tournaments. There is further a very intriguing story behind the beginning of their love story during that period.

Where did it all begin for Roger and Mirka?

It all started when Roger and Mirka traveled together for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. They both represented their country, Switzerland. Mirka, with her decent performance, faced a first-round defeat. However, Mirka stayed there to support Roger during the event.

It was when they realized that their relationship with each other was more than a friendship.

Mirka further opened up about an intriguing story behind their love story in his biography, The Master: The Long Run and Beautiful Game of Roger. She said, “Roger sang the Backstreet Boys in falsetto, and I was already in love!” A trick that worked very well!

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