best moments from the 2021 nfl playoffs so far

With the inaugural round of the 2021 National Football League playoffs now behind us, we look back at some of the standout moments from this year’s Wild Card Round fixtures.

Credit: YouTube/NFL

Lamar Jackson’s 48-yd-TD

Taking a snap at the Tennessee Titans’ 48-yard-line, Jackson gathered the ball and was off to the races. Dodging past multiple tackles, his touchdown was the longest playoff TD in 7 years.

Credit: YouTube/NFL

Josh Allen’s crazy TD pass

Lining up at Colts’ 3-yard-line, Allen took a snap which was meant to be a run play. Under pressure, Allen realized he was in trouble & lofted a pass to Dawson Knox for a rather unorthodox play.

Credit: YouTube/NFL

Steelers fumble to hand Cleveland the lead

In what was possibly the best start for Cleveland, the Steelers fluffed their opening snap of the tie to hand the Browns their first points of the night on a platter.

Credit: YouTube/NFL

Heinicke’s incredible solo run for a touchdown

Washington QB, Taylor Heinicke, defied all odds by manoeuvring his way through a collapsing pocket to rush to a diving touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Credit: YouTube/NFL

Kareem Hunt bulldozes his way into the endzone

After needling his way through the Steelers D-Line, Cleveland Browns’ Kareem Hunt put on a superhuman display of strength to bull his way into the endzone.

Credit: YouTube/NFL

Darious Williams’ pick 6 

LA Rams’ cornerback Darious Williams tipped the scales in favor of his team by intercepting this pass by Russell Wilson and going all the way to the endzone.

Credit: YouTube/NFL

Ben Roethlisberger's bullet pass to Claypool

Trailing the Browns by 19 points, Steelers’ QB Roethlisberger connected with Chase Claypool with a touchdown pass which went like a tracer bullet.


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