14 Years After His Death, Mike Tyson Finally Reveals the Secret to Michael Jackson's Son About Late Icon's Skin Color

MJ, a music industry pioneer faced substantial controversy over changes in his skin tone during his career. In a recent episode of 'Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson,' Tyson unveiled the "real reason behind changing his skin color."

While it's a common fact that the King of Pop was formally diagnosed with vitiligo in 1986, various people, including 'Iron Mike,' held their own interpretations of this dramatic transformation.

Michael Jackson's Vitiligo diagnosis

 In the most recent installment of Mike Tyson's podcast, where Michael Jackson's son, Prince Jackson, was featured as a guest, the conversation revolved around the impact of 'MJ.'

Prince Jackson on Hotboxin'

Tyson said, "Listen everybody thought he was changing his skin because he wanted to be white, he was changing it because he wanted to glow. He wanted to be a light, he wanted to shine yeah."

"He wanted to be a light"

When Prince Jackson inquired if Tyson's father had confided this to him, Tyson nodded and confirmed that's indeed what Michael Jackson had told him. 

Tyson's confirmation

Tyson responded, saying, "I remember right in the year, he wanted to glow, he’s the light."

"He wanted to glow"

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