A different look at the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather press conference and the brawl with Jake Paul

During his press conference with Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather got into a physical altercation with younger brother Jake Paul. In case you missed it, here's what happened. 


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The Press conference 

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather faced off for the first time since the fight was announced at the venue that the fight will be held. 

What caused the scuffle?

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather were involved in a face-to-face war of words. Paul then snatched Mayweather's hat and that is what caused the mayhem. 

All hell breaks loose 

After Paul snatched the hat Mayweather and his team were involved in an all our brawl with Jake Paul 

A Livid Floyd Mayweather 

After the scuffle Mayweather was seen pacing around in anger as he felt disrespected by the younger Paul brother. 

The Aftermath

As a result of his actions Paul has been banned from the fight on June 6th. 

Jake Paul banned from attending Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul on June 6th 

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