Billionaire Floyd Mayweather Wants to Keep Earning "Free Money"

Floyd Mayweather is famous not only for his boxing but also for his extravagant ways. In an interview, he stated that he wants to keep earning "free money." Let's look at all the details!

In an interview with FightHype, Mayweather stated, “When I was in the sport, I wanted to be world champion, I wanted to be the best.

Money wanted to be the best

As per Money, "But then it gets to a point, you say, I’ll let you guys argue and talk about who won the most belts. When the history book is written, you will see Floyd Mayweather, out of all the fighters as the smartest one."

Mayweather calls himself the smartest

He stated that he isn't concerned about other boxers having more championship belts than him. His main objective is to pursue wealth and concentrate on accumulating what he refers to as "Big cheques"

Mayweather's main objective

On being asked about why he continues to compete in exhibitions. he simply stated, "Free money."

Why does Money compete in exhibitions?

Mayweather earns a lot of money in his exhibition matches, "I don’t know the numbers they are getting. They could be getting seven million, eight million, ten million. Remember this, I don’t leave anything on the table. Even with these exhibitions, why do you keep doing it? It’s free money."

Mayweather earns a lot in exhibition bouts

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