Billy Joe Saunders' lifestyle: Diet, Training, Cars, and more

Billy Joe Saunders is scheduled for a super-middleweight bout against Canelo Alvarez on 8 May 2021. Ahead of the boxing match, let's take a look at Billy Joe Saunders' lifestyle.


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Billy Joe Saunders' Training

Saunders' training includes circuit training, sparring, shadow boxing, and more.

"We work one day on, one day off, so we might shadow today, pads tomorrow, bags today, sparring tomorrow. But we do some form of boxing every day" - said Saunders in one of his interviews.

Billy Joe Saunders' Diet

Saunders does not give much thought when it comes to his diet. He usually eats whatever he wants to eat.

"He's in camp training all the time while I'm sat back eating cakes," said Saunders on his diet for his fight against Martin Murray.

Even after not following a perfect diet, Saunders always manages to get in shape before the fight.

Billy Joe Saunders' cars

While it is unknown how many cars he owns, it is public knowledge that Saunders owns a luxurious Lamborghini Huracan worth around £212,000.

Billy Joe Saunders' Family

Saunders is not believed to be married or in a relationship. He has two sons with former girlfriend Ruby, named Billy Joe Jr., 12, and 10-year-old Steve. The boxer also welcomed a baby girl in May 2017, with her name believed to be Vienna.

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