Boxing News Roundup (March 15, 2023): Tyson Fury Blasts Usyk's Manager, Claressa Shields Issues Warning to Natasha Jonas, Garcia Clarifies His Comments

From issuing warnings, and appreciating other fighters to clearing the air, here is everything you need to know to be updated about from the world of boxing.

Natasha Jonas recently shared her side about how she foresees her potential fight against Claressa Shields, but this was not well received by Shields and she responded back to her with a warning.

Shields Fires Back at Jonas

In a Twitter post, Ryan Garcia called out Washington and then compared him to former US president Barack Obama, which received a lot of criticism. Garcia recently took to Twitter to clarify his tweet.

Garcia Clears the Air

The now-deleted tweet read, "No I was Trying to show people my mentality. Don’t care who it is and Obama came to mind cause his influence but i didn’t like it becoming a race thing cause my heart is never positioned that way and will never be like that. I love everybody forreal."

Fury Blasts Usyk's Manager

Tyson Fury took to Twitter and blasted Oleksandr Usyk’s manager Krassyuk for being the worst manager in history.

Fury Blasts Usyk's Manager

Mayweather Promotions CEO Ellerbe took to Twitter to express his awe over Caleb Plant's shoe collection.

Ellerbe Reacts to Caleb's Collection

Tyson Fury recently took to Instagram and shared a video quoting Khabib Nurmagomedov's message about raising children, poverty, and money.

Fury Quotes Khabib

The video contained the message which was quoted by Khabib, “Sometimes love can kill people, sometimes not all the time you know. Sometimes you love your kid you give him everything and he grew up like I don’t know like a vegetable. You have to teach him how to live. But sometimes like I tell when my kids ask me something I all the time say not everything like you want."

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