“The Axe Kick Took Him to a Different Planet”: Devastating Knockout During Kickboxing Match Leaves Fans Baffled

Published 03/12/2023, 9:15 PM EDT

Combat sports like boxing and kickboxing can be ferocious. When two fighters fight opposite each other, mercy is the last thing they have in their minds. The primary goal is to inflict as much pain as possible on the person standing opposite you. But the unforgiving nature of the sport is what entices fans the most. It is safe to say that inside the ring, the two people are out for blood and indulge in war to have a shot at glory. The two fighters must give it their all because only one person can walk out victorious.

Recently, a video of a brutal knockout during a kickboxing fight shocked the fans, and they can’t wrap their heads around how things unraveled in the fight.

A trip to the shadow realm


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Fight Haven posted the video of the fight on Twitter. In the video, blood was splattered  across the canvas. What happens next in the video is shocking and unbelievable. One fighter chose brutality and finished the fight as soon as possible.

The fighter landed a combo, eventually knocking his opponent down . He started the combo with an axe kick and followed his attack with two hard punches and a final left hook right on his opponent’s chin, which eventually did the job for him and sealed the fight. After this brutal combo, the opponent fell straight on the canvas and could no longer fight.

The fighter did not hold back from celebrating his victory over his opponent. He rushed to the corner and climbed the ropes immersing himself in the audience’s cheer who went berserk after this commendable knockout. Another video of a brutal knockout surfaced on the internet a while ago. After watching the video of this kickboxing fight, fans could not hold back their reactions.

Fans react to the brutal knockout

Gavin Marlow believes that the last two punches were unnecessary.

Eire@Druke joked and said that the brutal axe kick took the fighter to a whole different planet.


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5thDimension seems to have found the last two punches the fighter landed on his opponent unecessary and funny.

Mike Conigliaro thinks the first punch was enough to end the fight.

John Conor complimented the fighter on his combo and believes that’s how one finishes a fight.


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This kickboxing fight encapsulates the risk two fighters get into when they enter the ring. But the fighters’ bravery is what makes the post what it is. And it adds to the excitement of the fans who tune in to watch their favorite fighter clash in the ring.


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