Canelo Alvarez Scares Lionel Messi's Friend with Voice Note

Canelo Alvarez got into a dirty war of words after a video of Lionel Messi got viral which showed him moving the Mexican national team jersey with his foot while celebrating his victory. From threatening Messi to threatening his friend via voice note, let's dig in to know more about it.


Canelo Alvarez recently threatened Messi post-Argentina’s victory after he saw a video in which a Mexican jersey was on the floor. Later he went on to threaten his friend as per the viral voice note.

What is the Issue?

A video made rounds on social media where Messi appeared to be kicking the jersey of a player. The footage is grainy, and it appears to show Messi's foot grazing the jersey. Alvarez got angry seeing his country jersey on the floor and called out the disrespect.

What Did Sergio Aguero Reveal?

Michael Benson took to Twitter to throw some light on Aguero’s comments on Alvarez's angry take and what he said in the voice note.

Alvarez Issued an Apology

Canelo Alvarez later issued an apology and accepted that he got emotionally driven for the love of his country and got aggressive.

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