The fourth edition of the Crown Jewel wrapped up on 5th November. Since its kickoff in 2018, the yearly tourney has been a part of the WWE’s two major events in the desert Kingdom. This year’s Crown Jewel went beyond everyone’s imagination. So many known names sank without a whimper. But for Logan Paul, the memories of Riyadh, 2022, will remain in his heart for a long time.

Episode 376 of the podcast TigerBelly, had Logan Paul as the guest. Hosted by comedian Bobby Lee and his former partner Khalyla Kuhn, the podcast’s conversational approach emphasizes a light-hearted discussion about the hosts’ lives as Asian Americans in Hollywood.


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Logan Paul, 2023 – either the the Octagon or the Squared Ring

After nearly an hour or so, Gilbert Galon, one of the two co-hosts in the show, checked with Logan, “Are you taking another fight, boxing or MMA? I heard that you might do something in the UFC. What’s in the works?”

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Logan replied, It’s gonna be a 2023 thing, maybe really…” Then he added that his knee must heal for the plans to materialize.

At that point, showing a clip from the Crown Jewel, Gilbert wanted to know whether Logan injured his knee while performing the particular stunt. Logan replied, confirming that the injury happened halfway through the match.

Then he explained how the sequences in WWE are so brutal to perform. To the point where there were times, Logan doubted whether he could do it himself.

Logan’s WWE journey, down the memory lane

On 30th July, the Maverick defeated his former partner, The Miz, in the WWE SummerSlam. Barely a month after he signed an official contract with the WWE authorities. SmackDown was the next event on his itinerary.


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An online spat between Logan and The Tribal Chief with the Bloodline manager Paul Heyman was already making the news. During a press conference, true to himself, the senior of the Paul brothers asked what would happen if he managed to knock out The Tribal Chief. The taunt happened even as Heyman tried to dissuade him from a challenge of such gravity.

When the time came, Reigns got the shocker when his underdog opponent nearly beat him.


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It was a massive break for the Maverick. There may not be anyone in WWE NXT who can match the YouTuber’s performance at the event. He is not a fluke by any stretch of thought and displays consistently praiseworthy improvement. Impressed with his sheer talent, WWE sees a world champion in the making. Provided he takes it seriously.

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