Conor Benn Was Contemplating His Suicide, Says His Wife Cried Thinking He Killed Himself After Not Picking Up Her Call Amid Doping Test Fiasco

After successfully defending his WBA Continental Welterweight title on April 11 last year, Conor Benn had his next fight scheduled for October. However, his failure to pass drug tests led to the postponement of the match, pushing him to the edge emotionally. Now, with talks of his return and a potential fight against Eubank Jr., Benn opens up about the intense thoughts and emotions he experienced during that time.

The past year has probably been the most challenging period for Conor Benn, both professionally and personally.

Challenging past year for Benn

Benn has consistently maintained his innocence, asserting that the presence of the banned substance clomifene in his system was due to contamination or potential errors in the laboratory.

Benn has consistently maintained his innocence

Earlier this year, the WBC cleared Benn of any charges of intentional doping. However, he did go through trauma.

Benn cleared by the WBC

In an interview, he said, “I didn’t realise how bad I was until I’d started to come through it. I was contemplating s****de. I was drinking. There was substance abuse. On the way to Piers Morgan my missus was in the car, and she just started crying. She’s like, ‘You didn’t answer your phone, and I thought you’d killed yourself.”

"I was contemplating s****de."

When Morgan asked, “You were feeling s****dal?” Benn replied, “Yeah, I’d say so yeah yeah, and it upsets me now because I I don’t know how I got so bad. I got in a really bad way.”

"I got in a really bad way."

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