Days After Feud With KSI, Slim Albaher Takes A Career Altering Decision

Slim Albaher has been relevant a lot more on the internet for his tussle with KSI recently. And now, he has taken a huge, life changing decision. What is this decision? Let's find out!

Influencer boxing fans were eagerly anticipating the showdown between Slim Albaher and Salt Pappi within the boxing ring. While both sides were engaged in discussions covering fighter compensation, the announcement of the fight falling through left fans feeling let down.

Albaher vs Salt Pappi cancelled

Albaher reportedly demanded an exorbitant sum of $200,000 for the bout, therefore attracting the blame of the entire situation.

Albaher being blamed

KSI, the CEO of Misfits Boxing, also expressed his disappointment through a statement on platform X, confirming the unfortunate cancellation of the match.

KSI confirms cancellation

And now, Slim has announced a major decision. He took to Twitter to share that he will be joining Wett Promotions, He wrote, "Taking my Talents To Wett Promotions"

Slim's life altering decision

Astrid Wett, who founded Wett Promotions after her fallout with KSI tweeted a reply to his statement, "I know it’s all jokes but i hope you get everything sorted Slim 💙
You’re a great fighter and entertainer and the space needs you x"

Astrid Wett replies to Slim

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