Everything you need to know about Claressa Shields vs Shadasia Green

Following her impressive victory over Maricela Cornejo, Claressa Shields is once again searching for her next opponent. Shields wasted no time and immediately went loggerheads with Shadasia Green. Is the fight between Green and Shields happening? Here's all you need to know!

In a recent interview with The Weigh In Boxing, Claressa Shields stirred up excitement by discussing the idea of fighting Green, "I wanna be clear about something. Me and Shadasia Green could have been fought. Me and Shadasia Green was both signed to Mark Taffit."

Shields discusses fighting Green

Shields disclosed that she received an offer to fight Hannah Gabriel at 175 pounds. If she emerges victorious in that match, she will earn the opportunity to face her next.

Shields received offer to fight Gabriel

Green has dismissed all these assertions, clarifying that she had no plans to fight Gabriel, was not presented with the opportunity to face Shields, and was never associated with Mark Taffit.

Green never associated with Taffit

Green characterized all of Shields' statements as falsehoods, leading to widespread confusion. She posted, "The air is clear 💨 and this is all cap 🧢 I WAS NEVER SIGNED TO MARK TAFFIT OR SALITA I was never set to fight Hanna Gabriel’s or offered shields next"

Green claimed Shield's statements false

Despite this, Shields stood firm in her remarks on Twitter, reiterating that her statements were completely accurate, "FOH! Why I gotta lie on you!!! You ain’t the boogie woman around this mf! That’s what’s cap 🧢"

Shields stood firm

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