George Foreman Snubs Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield to Give Mike Tyson the "Most Spectacular Athlete" Crown

The discussion over the greatest athlete in boxing has been a long-standing debate. Recently, legendary Heavyweight boxer George Foreman expressed his opinion on the matter through a post on Twitter. Let's find out who is the best boxer, as per George Foreman!

George Foreman's recent tweet, omitting Muhammad Ali as the "most spectacular athlete," has sparked debate and raised eyebrows within the boxing world, where Ali is commonly regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Greatest boxer as per George Foreman

In a recent tweet, George Foreman praised Mike Tyson as the most exceptional talent ever seen in the combat sport, adding to the ongoing discussions about the greatest athletes in boxing.

Mike Tyson is the greatest boxer?

In fact, Foreman disregards any contrary opinion about Ali being the best boxer in his latest tweet.

Foreman disregards Ali

He tweeted, "Say what you want; criticize as you will; But the fact of the mater is; Mike Tyson was the most spectacular athlete I have ever seen. Power & speed like someone from another planet. All other sports were put on back burner. when fought."

"Mike Tyson was the most spectacular athlete"

Given George Foreman's previous expressions of admiration for Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield, it is surprising that he did not choose between the two in his recent tweet, where he lauded Mike Tyson as the most exceptional talent in the combat sport.

Foreman's admiration for Ali

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