Gervonta Davis Makes Bold Remarks on Mike Tyson Comparison 

Currently, Gervonta Davis is the least active among the top contenders. Despite this, the boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. considers him the most entertaining among them. Jones even compared Davis to Mike Tyson. What was Davis' reaction to this comparison? Let's find out!

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr recently compared Davis and Tyson, "He’s very powerful, and anything can happen at any time, inside or outside the ring. Tank is a modern-day Mike Tyson."

Roy Jones Jr brands Tank "modern-day Mike Tyson

Gervonta Davis recently appeared on the "Open Thoughts" show hosted by YouTuber Funny Marco. During the interview, various topics were discussed, and at one point, Marco asked Tank if he felt like a "mini Mike Tyson" when he's in the ring. 

Davis talks about the comparison

Davis responded with a simple "No." He explained that he sees himself as a "boxer-puncher," while he considers Tyson a "brawler," highlighting a difference in their fighting styles, at least in terms of terminology. 

Difference between Tyson and Davis?

Marco then asked if Davis believes he can achieve quicker knockouts in his fights compared to Tyson.

Can Davis achieve quicker KOs?

Tank's reply was, "No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying that Mike Tyson got power and skills, I feel as though I have like the whole package. Like I have what Mike Tyson don’t have, you know, I think so."

"I have what Mike Tyson don't have"

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