Jake Paul Rips Into Andrew Tate on Logan Paul’s Podcast: Exposes Unsent DM, Sends a Chilling Warning, and More

The recent Impaulsive podcast saw an array of opinions on Andrew Tate. From Tate's cult-like following to why he wouldn't enter a ring against Jake Paul, here's everything the podcast had.

Jake Trolls Tate

‘The Problem Child’ Paul called Tate "a misogynistic douchebag" in Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast.

On Tate's Fans

He shared how Tate's fans treat him like a. God and that he has a cult-like following which might end up his fans with a "ton of s##t".

An Unsent DM

Paul shared a recent Instagram activity when Tate followed him and later unfollowed him. He also shared how Tate once tried to slide into his DM but later unsent it, and the request still appears in his DM.

Why Tate Won't Fight

Paul also shared that Tate will not fight him or his brother Logan Paul as they are dangerous opponents to fight against and even if he does, he is going to lose, and his image of alpha male will be gone.

Jake Paul Warns Tate

'The Problem Child' also left a warning for Andrew Tate saying, "if my brother doesn't f##k you up, I will".

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